May Flowers by April Showers

Webster's Words by Dick Shunnary

Take a Break! by Colin Sick

He Disappeared! by Otto Sight

Ecclesiastical Infractions by Cardinal Sin

Prayers For Children by Cindy Skool

Great Tennis Matches by Davis Skupp

Wouldn't You Know It by Murphy Slaw

Look Younger by Fay Slift

Foot Coverings by Susan Socks

Shhh! by Danielle Soloud

Tailoring by Serge Soote

Many Are Cold, But Few Are Frozen by Minnie Sota

Teenagers Of The '50's by Bobbie Sox

I Work with Diamonds by Jules Sparkle

Small Vegetables by Russell Sprout

Gangway! by Hedda Steam

How to Tour the Prison? by Robin Steele

How to Draw? by Ellis Strait

Athletic Supporter by Jacques Strap

Events In The Soviet Union by Perry Stroika

Without Warning by Oliver Sudden

And the Other People by Allan Sundry

Riel Ambush! by May T. Surprise

You're So Sweet by Mable Syrup

Prevent Drowning by Buddy System

Mineralogy for Giants by Chris Tall

Why Cars Stop? by M.T. Tank

When's The Revolution? by Millie Tant

Tight Situation by Leah Tard

Tyrant of the Potatoes by Dick Tater

The World's Best Recipes by Gus Tatorial

Keeping Old Furniture Looking Good by Ann Teak

Solving Crimes by D. Tective

I Wuz Framed! by Gil Tee

Trial Law by Tess Temoni

Singin' and Shakin' by Oprah Tic Tenor

What's Your Invention? by Pat Tent

All Alone by Saul E. Terry

I Hit the Wall by Isadore There

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