Little Bitty Froggies by Tad Pole

The TV News Anchorman by Maury Ports

Things to Cook Meat In by Stu Potts

House Plants by Clay Potts

Just Say No by Will Power

April Fool! by Sue Prize

Flogging in the Army by Corporal Punishment

The World's Deadliest Joke by Theophilus Punoval

Turtle Racing by Eubie Quick

The Housing Problem by Rufus Quick

The Economy is Recovering! by Knott Quite

Joe Wins at a Track Meet by C. Howie Runns

Not Bogged Down In Reality by Jason Rainbows

Nordic Groundskeepers by Leif Raker

Measles Collision! by Kay Rash

Assault with Battery by Eva Ready

Don't Tread On Me by Amanda B. Reckonwith

Too Rough by Soren Redd

Preaching to Hell's Angels by Pastor Redlight

No by Kurt Reply

Outdoor Activities by Alf Resco

Indiana Jones' Adventures by Darrin Rescue

Eating Disorders by Anna Rexia

Highway Travel by Dusty Rhodes

Bad Investment by Les Riches

I Can Fix It by Jerry Rigg

What's For Dinner? by Chuck Roast

Clothes for Germ Kings by Mike Robes

Mexican/Italian Food by Pepe Roney

Playing with the Christmas Fire by Yule B. Sari

Weepy Movie by Maud Lynn Story

The Empath by Ophelia Sadness

Peeping Tom by Sawyer Scanties

The Telltale Heart by Stefi Scope

Maritime Rules by Paula See

The Twelfth Month by Dee Sember

Rules For Living by Sharon Sharalike

Dull Razor by Nick Shaving

Weekend In Hong Kong by Rick Shaw

Do It Yourself by Tyrone Shoelaces

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