A truck driver was quietly having breakfast in a diner, when a group of tough bikers came through the door. One of the bikers thought a waitress was cute and wanted to impress her.

So the biker goes up to the truck driver and shoves him in the shoulder. The trucker keeps quietly eating his breakfast as though nothing happened.

Incensed, the biker grabs the trucker's plate of eggs, and pours it in the trucker's lap. The trucker ignores the attack, and starts sipping his coffee.

The biker does not like being ignored. He grabs the trucker's coffee, and pours it over the trucker's head. Again the trucker ignores the attack. He simply gets up, goes to the register, pays for his breakfast and leaves.

The biker goes to the waitress and says, "Not much of a man, was he?"

The waitress responds, looking out the window, "Not much of a driver, either. He just ran over a dozen motorcycles with his 18-wheeler."

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