A priest puts an add in the newspaper for a new bell-ringer and the only applicant to reply is a fellow with no arms.

"You realize what this job requires," asks the priest.

"Sure do," replies the no-armed man, and I can assure that I am the best man for the job."

The priest is perplexed, "How do you plan to ring the bell with no arms?"

The no-armed man, of course, cannot pull the bellrope and instead he rushes to the top of the bell tower and proceeds to dive head-first into the side of the bell. The bell peals beautifully.

The alarmed priest rushes to him, "My God, man, if you can do that every hour your hired!"

And so every day, on every hour, the no-armed man dives at the bell and smashes it head-first. Until one day he misses and flys out of the belltower, falling 300 feet to his death.

The day after the tragic accident, the priest put another ad in the paper requesting applicants for the job. Shortly thereafter, a man came to his door to ask about the ad.

"Father, I've come to ask a favour. It was my brother who was recently your bellringer and met with his untimely death. I would like very much to be allowed to ring the bell in his honour today."

The priest, being very sentimental, of course agreed, and led the man to the belltower. Wanting to ring the bell just as his brother had done, the man took a running start and collided with the bell head-first. Unfortunately for him, he had not the same constitution as his sibling and was knocked quite senseless by the blow; in a dazed state he stumbled around the belltower and accidentally fell out the tower window to his death.

The crowd once again gathered around the fallen bellringer, a concerned onlooker once again wondering aloud who this fellow might be. The priest replied,

"I don't know his name, but he sure is a dead ringer for his brother!"

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