1. The sooner you fall behind, the more time you will have to catch up.

  2. Nature abhors people.

  3. Changing things is central to leadership, and changing them before anyone else does is creative leadership.

  4. The less work an organization produces, the more frequently it reorganizes.

  5. Whatever happens, look as if you intended it to happen.

  6. At any particular time, there are more horses' asses in the world than there are horses.

  7. Teamwork is essential. It allows you to blame someone else.

  8. An expert is one who knows more and more about less and less until he knows absolutely everything about nothing.

  9. You can make something foolproof, but you can't make it damnfoolproof.

  10. Anyone who is popular is bound to be disliked.

  11. Assumption is the mother of all screwups.

  12. No real problem has a solution.

  13. To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism; to steal from many is research.

  14. Almost anything is easier to get into than to get out of.

  15. Authority tends to assign jobs to those least able to do them.

  16. Celibacy is not hereditary.

  17. The one friend or relative for whom you didn't buy a gift will arrive with one for you.

  18. The toughest thing in business is minding your own.

  19. Opportunity always knocks at the least opportune moment.

  20. The sum of the intelligence of the planet is constant; the population is growing.

  21. An expert is a person who avoids the small errors while sweeping on to the grand fallacy.

  22. There ain't no such thing as a free lunch.

  23. Any system which relies on human reliability is unreliable.

  24. Work expands to fill the time for its completion; the things to be done swell in perceived importance and complexity in a direct ratio with the time to be spent in their completion.

  25. When all else fails, read the instructions.

  26. The person you're most attracted to never shows up until the day before the vacation ends.

  27. The length of a minute depends on which side of the bathroom door you are on.

  28. If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you ever tried.

  29. There is nothing so small that it cannot be blown out of proportion.

  30. If there is a possibility of several things going wrong, the one that will do the greatest damage will be the one to go wrong.

  31. Doing it the hard way is always easier.

  32. If everything is coming your way, you're in the wrong lane.

  33. Never leave hold of what you've got until you've got hold of something else.

  34. The first myth of management is that it exists.

  35. A mediocre player will sink to the level of the competition.

  36. All things being equal, you lose.

  37. Inside every small problem is a larger problem struggling to get out.

  38. The person who can smile when things are going wrong has thought of someone else to blame it on.

  39. People and nations will act rationally when all other possibilities have been exhausted.

  40. Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he will sit in a boat drinking beer all day.

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