Three coaches flew to the NCAA convention. The plane crashed; and all three died. All three noticed God up in the clouds sitting in a chair. God motioned for one of them to come into the clouds. God wanted to know three things:

Who are you?

What did you do?

What did people think of you?

The first person said, "I'm Denny Crum, I was second best coach in the nation. I won two national championships and over twenty games a year. The people of Kentucky think I'm great." God said, "Fine, Denny, stand on my right side.

The next person said, "I'm Rick Pitino. I was the third best coach in the nation. I won an SEC Championship and turned the program around to a fairly respectable one. The people of Kentucky think I'm great."God said, "Fine, Rick, stand on my left side."

The third person stood before God and said, "I'm Bobby Knight and I have won three national championships, two NIT championships, the Pan Am Games, the Olympics, nine Big Ten championships, and I was the youngest coach ever to win six hundred games, and the people of Indiana think you are sitting in my chair."

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