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  1. The duffer muffed his tee shot into the woods, then hit into a few trees, then proceeded to hit across the fairway into another woods. Finally, after banging away several more times, he proceeded to hit into a sand trap.

    All the while, he'd noticed that the club professional had been watching.

    "What club should I use now?" he asked the pro.

    "I don't know," the pro replied. "What game are you playing?"

  2. Juggler, driving to his next performance, was stopped by the police.

    "What are those knives doing in your car?" asked the officer.

    "I juggle them in my act," answers the man.

    "Oh yeah?" says the cop. "Let's see you do it." So the juggler starts tossing and juggling the knives.

    A guy driving by sees this and says, "Wow, am I glad I quit drinking. Look at the test they're making you do now!"

  3. Our man was walking down a dark alley when suddenly a mugger jumped at him.

    "Your money or your life" the mugger barked.

    "You mean I have a choice?!!" said our man. "Here take this...."

    He pulled out his wallet and gave it to the mugger.

    "And this...usually this is secret money". He removed his cap and flipped it around and there! Some more money! "Wait! Here is my card. Feel free to contact me whenever you have a cash crunch!"

    The mugger left confused and dazed.

    "Such a nice fellow!" sobbed our man. "He gave me a choice. At home I have no choice.... my wife takes them both!"

  4. A woman brought an old picture of her dead husband, wearing a hat, to the photographer. She wanted to know if the photographer could remove the hat from the picture. He convinced her he could easily do that, and asked her what side of his head he parted his hair on.

    "I forget," she said. "But you can see that for yourself when you take off his hat." A woman brought an old picture of her dead husband, wearing a hat, to the photographer. She wanted to know if the photographer could remove the hat from the picture. He convinced her he could easily do that, and asked her what side of his head he parted his hair on.

    "I forget," she said. "But you can see that for yourself when you take off his hat."

  5. One beautiful Sunday morning, a priest announced to his congregation: "My good people, I have here in my hands three sermons...a $100 sermon that lasts five minutes, a $50 sermon that lasts fifteen minutes, and a $10 sermon that lasts a full hour. "Now, we'll take the collection and see which one I'll deliver."

  6. A hillbilly was making his first visit to a hospital where his teenage son was about to have an operation. Watching the doctor's every move, he asked, "What's that?"

    The doctor explained, "This is an anesthetic. After he gets this he won't know a thing."

    "Save your time, Doc," exclaimed the man. "He don't know nothing now."

  7. As we stood in formation at the Pensacola Naval Air Station, our Flight Instructor said, "All right! All you damn dummies fall out."

    As the rest of the squad wandered away, I remained at attention.

    The Instructor walked over until he was eye-to-eye with me, and then just raised a single eyebrow. I smiled and said, "Sure was a lot of 'em, huh sir?"

  8. The orthopedic surgeon I work for was moving to a new office, and his staff was helping transport many of the items.

    I sat the display skeleton in the front of my car, his bony arm across the back of my seat. I hadn't considered the drive across town. At one traffic light, the stares of the people in the car beside me became obvious, and I looked across and explained, "I'm delivering him to my doctor's office."

    The other driver leaned out of his window. "I hate to tell you, lady," he said, "but I think it's too late!"

  9. American Indians have nicknamed Bill Clinton as "Walking Eagle" because he is so full of crap he can't fly.

  10. Employed by the human-development center of a corporation in the midwest, my friend trains employees in proper dress codes and etiquette.

    One day as she was stepping onto the elevator, a man casually dressed in jeans and a golf shirt got on with her.

    Thinking of her responsibilities, she scolded, "Dressed a little casually today, aren't we?"

    The man replied, "That's one benefit of owning the company...."

  11. The politician was sitting at his campaign headquarters when the phone rang. He listened intently, and after a moment his face brightened.

    When he hung up, he immediately phoned his mother to tell her the good news.

    "Ma," he shouted, "the results are in. I won the election!"


    The politician's smiled faded. "Aw, heck, Ma, why bring that up at a time like this?"

  12. When employees of a restaurant attended a fire-safety seminar, they watched a fire official demonstrate the proper way to operate an extinguisher. "Pull the pin like a hand grenade," he explained, "Then depress the trigger to release the foam."

    Later, an employee was selected to extinguish a controlled fire in the parking lot. In her nervousness, she forgot to pull the pin. The instructor hinted, "Like a hand grenade, remember?"

    In a burst of confidence, she pulled the pin-and hurled the extinguisher at the blaze!

  13. Sarah was reading a newspaper, while her husband was engrossed in a magazine. Suddenly, she burst out laughing.

    "Listen to this," she said. "There's a classified ad here where a guy is offering to swap his wife for a season ticket to the stadium."

    "Hmmm," her husband said, not looking up from his magazine. Teasing him, Sarah said, "Would you swap me for a season ticket?"

    "Absolutely not," he said.

    "How sweet," Sarah said. "Tell me why not."

    "Season's more than half over," he said.

  14. The editor of a small country Newspaper, furious over several government bills that had recently been passed, printed a scathing editorial with an enormous headline: "HALF THE LEGISLATORS ARE CROOKS."

    Many local Politicians were outraged and exerted tremendous pressure on him to print a retraction. He finally gave in to the pressure and ran his apology with the headline:


  15. Toward the end of their senior year in high school, students were required to take a CPR course. The classes used the well known mannequin victim, Rescue Anne, to practice.

    Rescue Anne was legless to allow for storage in a carrying case.

    The class went off in groups to practice. As instructed, one of the students gently shook the doll and asked, "Are you all right?" He then put his ear over the mannequin's mouth to listen for breathing.

    Suddenly, the student turned to the instructor and exclaimed, "She says she can't feel her legs!"

  16. In an American history discussion group, the professor was trying to explain how societies ideal of beauty changes with time. "For example, he said, "take the 1921 Miss America. She stood five ft., one inch tall, weighed 108 pounds and had measurements of 30-25-32. How do you think she'd do in today's version of the contest?"

    The class fell silent for a moment. Then one student piped up, "Not very well."

    "Why is that?" Asked the professor.

    "For one thing," the student pointed out, "She'd be way too old."

  17. An old man was 89-years-old and he wanted to marry a 24 year old girl. His son told him, "You can't marry a 24-year-old girl." He said, "Why not?" The son said, "If you marry a 24-year-old girl, you'll have to have sex with her and that could be fatal!"

    He thought about it a moment, shrugged his shoulders and said, "Well if she dies, she dies."

  18. My husband was just coming out of anesthesia after a series of tests in the hospital, and I was sitting at his bedside. His eyes fluttered open, and he murmured, "You're beautiful."

    Flattered, I continued my vigil while he drifted back to sleep. Later he woke up and said, "You're cute."

    "What happened to 'beautiful'?" I asked him.

    "The drugs are wearing off," he replied

  19. A car salesman trying to "influence" a senator by offering him a new car for free. The senator tells him that he could never accept such a gift under such circumstances. "That would be unethical, dishonest and against the law!" he replies indignantly.

    The salesman thinks for a moment, and suggests he "sell" the senator a car ...for $20.

    The senator nods approvingly, "Great, I'll take 2."

  20. A tourist climbed out of his car in downtown Washington, D.C. He said to a man standing near the curb, "Listen, I'm going to be only a couple of minutes. Would you watch my car while I run into this store?"

    "What?" the man huffed. "Do you realize that I am a member of the United States Senate?"

    "Well no," the tourist said, "I didn't realize that. But it's all right. I'll trust you anyway."

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