A man spent thirty years in prison. Most of it was in solitary confinement, and he was going crazy alone in his cell, when he spied an ant crawling on the floor. He began to look forward to the ant's daily visit to his cell, and he would save bread crumbs to feed the ant. He began to talk to the ant and gave it a name.

He was really surprised when the ant began to come to him when he called it by name. He thought he was going crazy when the ant began to talk back to him. He taught the ant to recite the Declaration of Independence.

Later, when he was finally paroled, the convict took the ant with him, in a matchbox. He went to a bar, thinking, "This ant will make me rich!" He took the matchbox out of his pocket and released the ant on the bar.

He said, "Bartender, do you see this ant on the bar?"

The bartender, "I'm sorry about that", and squashed the ant with his thumb!

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