Label Instructions
Laboratory Rabbit
A Lady Inadvertently Breaks Wind
Lady On Vacation
Lady Driver
Lamaze Class
Land Of Living Skies
The Landlord
Landlords -- Actual Letters
A Large Family
Larry Curly And Moe
Larry Lobster and Sam Clam
The Last Day of Kindergarden
English Language -- Confusion!!
English Neighbours
Last Exam
Last Rites
Late For Work
Late One Friday Night
Late One Saturday Evening
A Lawyer And A Blonde
A Lawyer And A Husky Young Man
A Lawyer And The Pope
A Lawyer Applies For A Job
A Lawyer Driving By A Texas Ranch
A Lawyer For The Mob
A Lawyer In A Bar
A Lawyer In The Family
Lawyer Jokes
The Lawyer Sued....and Won!
Lawyers Can Advertise
Lawyer's Will
Layman's Computer Terms
Lead Stories
Learn Chinese in 5 minutes
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A Leisurely Drive
A Lesson In Political Science
Lethal Product
A Letter From a Son at School
A Letter To A Bank
A Letter To An Internet Husband
Life Before The Computer
Life Begins At 80
Life In The Desert
Life Long Friends
Limited Intelligence
A Lion On A Porch
Lipstick Problem
A List of Jobs I Tried to Hold Down
A Little Boy Was Doing
His Math Homework

A Little Boy Writes To God
A Little Girl
A Little Girl And Her Mother
Little Johnny
A Little Monkey
A Little Nine Year Old Girl
Little Show
A Liturgical Mistake
Local Phychic
Local Zoo
Locked Chest
Lone Ranger
A Lone Survivor
The Long Black Veil
A Long Dry Spell in Las Vegas
Looking For Some Help
Lord Nelson's Famous Battle
Losing Their Memory
Lost Flight of Pepsi Cola
A Lost Pair Of Shoes
A Loyal Packer Fan
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